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Software Developer (f/m) Open Driving Platform – Secure Data Interface (ODP-SDI)

CSC is developing a configurable and very adaptive automotive monitoring system for all vehicle brand and models with the support of Smartphone Apps, Cloud Server and Web applications. The focus on applications are eCall (Emergency Call), vehicle theft detection and tracking, fault monitoring of emissions-related systems, cloud-based data analysis and interesting presentation of driving data inside the vehicle as well as offline via cloud server. Another very important property of the total system is the customer-oriented configuration feature in combination with a private cloud server. [position already occupied]

Software Developer (f/m) Open Driving Platform – Configuration System (ODP-Studio)

CSC is developing a database (MySQL) supported configuration systen (ODP-Studio) with a Web Frontend in Java with a tooling from OpenXava. The configurations (data only) for the ODP-SDI are created with ODP-Studio. The Web Frontend is generated by the OpenXava compiler based on the java classes and OpenXava annotations. [position already occupied]