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Since 2008 Concepts & Services Consulting is proactively involved in the development and drafting of the VG 96922 ORINS standard which specifies the representation and maintenance of operational readiness of networked systems.

The VG 96922 ORINS specifies an entire cross-functional system to support the life cycle of different types of land vehicles in order to achieve operational readiness. A key element is the integration of the Land System Access (LSA) as part of the ITS (Internal Test System). The LSA provides all data of all land systems of the land vehicle. The new ISO 13185 Unified Gateway Protocol (UGP) series standards are implemented in the LSA and ITS / ETS (External Test System) in order to communicate all types of data parameters to internal and external networked systems.

Description of DIN – VG 96922 ORINS

VG 96922 Land vehicles and systems — Representation and maintenance of operational readiness in networked systems

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Part 1: General information and description
Part 2: Land vehicle and system interface requirements
Part 3: Configuration and Diagnostic authoring system requirements
Part 4: Runtime system requirements
Part 5: Data record requirements, Registration authority
Part 6: Networked system applications, interface requirements

The LSA is a gateway which decouples (vehicle) system domain from application domain and converts vehicle-specific data into registered data parameters with standardized data types. The LSA is functionality that allows controlled access between ITS (Internal Test System), ETS (External Test System), RTS (Remote Test System), CSS (Cloud Server System) and in-vehicle networks. The LSA provides bidirectional in-vehicle network data translation capability. This function converts vehicle manufacturer proprietary data into the connected device standardized vocabulary and vice versa. It connects existing and future vehicle communication architectures to a worldwide standardized communication infrastructure. The LSA speaks a single language (ISO 13185-2 Unified Gateway Protocol) using a vehicle-specific vocabulary mapping to a standardized vocabulary based on vehicle manufacturer controlled configuration. The LSA component provides firewall and security functionality to prevent unauthorized access by connected (wired and wireless) devices and applications.

There are many benefits to a system like this. It provides a single system for data retrieval from vehicles for proprietary and legislative purposes while at the same time not requiring the vehicle manufacturers to expose their in-vehicle network messages and data definitions to support the design of diagnostic tools and meet legislative requirements for data access.

VG_96922 LSA concept based on Modular VCI