Concepts & Services Consulting was founded with the business idea, to offer in depth knowledge and experience in the field of concept development for Diagnostic & Flash Programming of electronic control units in the automotive sector based on international standards. Required expertise that CSC doesn’t processed independently are created by partner companies of similar vision in the form of collaboration.

Concepts & Services Consulting was founded in 10/2005 by Gangolf Feiter and has more than 20 years of project and standardization experience in the development of innovative concepts.

The CSC employees are engaged in the arena of international standardization (ISO, CEN, SAE, JSAE) to apply their knowledge. The focus is primarily on:

  • ISO TC22 – SC31: Road Vehicles – Data Communication
  • ISO TC204 Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

In ISO TC22/SC31 CSC has in the person of Gangolf Feiter the convenership of Working Group 2 (WG2) – VDP-TP (Vehicle Diagnostic Protocols – Transport Protocols). Since 2000 important standards have been developed e.g., ISO 14229 UDS (Unified Diagnostic Services), ISO 15765 DoCAN (Diagnostic communication over CAN), ISO 27145 WWH-OBD (Word-Wide Harmonized On-Board Diagnostics), ISO 15031 Communication between vehicle and external equipment for emissions-related diagnostics, and many other standards, which are referenced world-wide in the legislation of many countries.

Since 2008 CSC is involved in the standardization activities of ISO TC204. In WG17 “Nomadic Devices for ITS Systems” CSCjointly with ETRI (Electronic Telecommunications Research Institute) in South Korea has developed two (2) new standards:

  • ISO 13184 ITS – Guidance protocol via personal ITS station for advisory safety systems
  • ISO 13185-2 ITS – Vehicle interface for provisioning and support of ITS services – Part 2: Unified gateway protocol (UGP) requirements and specification for vehicle ITS station gateway (V-ITS-SG) interface

UGP enables a uniform communication between automotive vehicles and external systems (cloud server, diagnostic tester, Smartphones, …) for the purpose of data exchange with standardized data types e.g., one smartphone communicates via UGP with all different brands and types of vehicles world-wide.